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How Our Underwear Works


and at the same time impermeable

They are washable and reusable. You can wear the underwear by itself, or as a safety barrier for a tampon or menstrual cup.

They are as thin as normal underwear.

Replace once every 8-10 hours

Wash after use

It will last you 1-2 years

The most advanced technology on the market

Developed with textile engineers and gynaecologists


Quick-drying absorbent layer

A specially developed technology that quickly absorbs moisture to make you feel dry. It contains an antibacterial layer that destroys 99% of bacteria.


Highly absorbent layer

Thanks to the material that effectively absorbs moisture, the middle layer is thin and not feel bulky. Absorption options are available from light to extra heavy menstruation.


Impermeable layer

The hygienic layer absorbs odours. With a capacity of up to three regular pads, it is suitable for strong and weak period days.

Thickness only 1.5 mm,

thin like normal underwear





Extra strong

Pro ženy se slabou/střední menstruací po celou dobu; nebo pro dny, kdy máte menstruaci slabší.







Certified and verified protection

against odour and bacteria

  • Antibacterial protection is permanent and does not wash out
  • It is highly effective against harmful bacteria
  • Does not contain nanoparticles
  • Meets regulations on biocides and environmental protection (EU BPR, EPA)
More about antibacterial protection

Expertise Comes First

Our research and development

We are driven by a genuine passion to create and constantly improve the technology and quality of our products. We study impermeable and also breathable membranes, knitted fabrics that quickly transport moisture or ultra-absorbent materials. We work with top engineers and scientific institutions.

The right choice for every period

Night - Recycled Nylon - Black
Heavy flow
Classic - Tencel™ Lyocell - Black
Heavy flow
Classic - Recycled nylon - Beige
Heavy flow
High-rise - Tencel™ Lyocell - Black
Medium flow
Classic - Tencel™ Lyocell - Black
Medium flow
Hugger - Nylon - Black
Medium flow
High-waist - Tencel™ Lyocell - Black
Heavy flow
Hugger - Recycled Nylon - Black
Extra heavy flow
Classic - Recycled nylon - Black
Heavy flow
Teen - Organic cotton - Pink and blue
Heavy flow
Teen - Organic cotton - Blue
Heavy flow
Non-period brazilian 3‑pack
TENCEL™ Lyocell
Cheeky – grey
Light flow
Classic - Nylon - Green
Medium flow
Classic - Nylon - Black
Medium flow
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